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Exporting parts separately in Alembic

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    Hi Leandro,

    Currently you can't export selected pattern pieces as Alembic Cache in Marvelous Designer. You can use FBX file format instead if the 3D software package support .MC cache for animation.  I'll make a feature request on this issue.

    However, this can be easily done in the 3d software package you use.  Or you can layout you UVs for the pants, jacket, belt in different UDIM space and texture them separately.



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Thank you, for replying.

    My goal is to use animation in Unreal. I could export in Alembic, but when I import it in Unreal, I have just one material. And the cloth, in Marvelous, has 10 different materials. I tried to export in other formats to open them in Blender and try to edit, but until now, I had no success... 

    I need all material slots in Unreal to use different shaders in different parts of the cloth, easily...

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    Please try lay out different UV shell according to the materials you used for the garment in Marvelous designer in different UDIM tiles.  During Export, Marvelous Designer will export your Textures separately for each tile and name it according to the UDIM number.  

    Please look up how to shade using UDIM in Unreal Engine.

    Or use a 3d software package like Blender, to separate your model by select your UVs.


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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